Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Introducing YardTrac, the next generation web-based yard management software by Exotrac . It is the most affordable and comprehensive real-time yard management software on the market. A web-based yard management software, provides real-time trailer pool, inventory and process management tools for Storage Yards, Container Freight Stations, Proprietary and Third-Party Distribution Centers, LTL Carriers, and Consolidators.

click HERE for a web presentation/YMS demo.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Exotrac Lite

Exotrac is now offering  Yardtrac Lite, based on Android, this newest advancement is a cost effective solution to control your trailers in real-time. Just starting off with our 14 Day FREE TRIAL your team will be able to log events in any pc over the web.

Yardtrac Lite offers a business, for zero up-front investment dollars, the accessibility to many of the same features that the full blown YardTrac system allows, such as:
  • Monitoring of yard jockeys productivity
  • Six month trailer event history
  • Web portal to view trailer pool
  • Easy deployment of software.
Exotrac Lite is a part of  Exotrac which is a leading provider of yard management software.