Thursday, March 17, 2016

YardTrac Pro, The Future of Yard Management

Full featured YMS. Android mobility. Powered by Exotrac.

Exotrac builds straightforward, practical applications to manage complex operational needs – powerful tools that are easy to use. Our cloud based solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs and help them realize many benefits.

Minimize detention and demurrage costs with time stamps and automatic email notifications to carriers. Eliminate manual paper processes and radios by communicating through our native mobile applications. Increase visibility and accountability of all assets by tracking them in real time. Optimize efficiency from the gate, through the yard and to the dock by providing full access to everyone from anywhere. Seamless integration with WMS and TMS creates a powerful end to end solution to take an operation to the next level of success.

Our solution can be installed in weeks rather than months, and no IT infrastructure is needed. Our cloud based software can be accessed through any data connection on any device, providing ultimate visibility and utility to all users at every level.

Exotrac is your one stop shop for cloud hosting, hardware and data wrapped into one low monthly rate.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Yard Management System Works Well with Others

A paperless Yard Management System (YMS) has many benefits when implemented by a company. Some of these benefits include the ability to track your trailers and goods,  relief from manual pen and paper record keeping, and the ability to cut down on costs when switching to a paperless system. YMS can help a facility reduce detention and demurrage costs as well as to help make yard operations more efficient. What really makes the YMS shine, though, is integrating it with the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions already in place.

Many times a company will concentrate its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system exclusively on WMS and TMS because those are the most obvious areas. It is virtually impossible to run a warehouse of any size without a WMS, and of course the warehouse is a priority. Likewise, the TMS is invaluable for managing routes, lanes and the economy of the organization’s transportation. What is often overlooked is how the YMS can connect these two and amplify their effectiveness, along with contributing its own value for the enterprise.
There are some WMS and TMS solutions that offer some YMS functions, but none come close to providing the benefit of a true, fully dedicated YMS. An advanced YMS offers many functions to optimize efficiency of yard all yard operations – from the gate, through the yard, and up to the dock. This is often a blind spot for many organizations who are still getting by on pen and paper for security, yard spotters and dock managers.
Optimizing the yard operations with a first class YMS leads to improved throughput, which helps the WMS to accomplish its goals for loading/unloading and staff utilization. In addition, the simple visibility of a load physically arriving at a facility (with real time notifications) is a game changer for allocation planning. Consequently, inbound and outbound loads and deliveries handled by the TMS also benefit from the additional visibility. There is a real synergy between all three systems, and they all work better when integrated together.