Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exotrac LLC

GPS devices can be used to track mobile assets, as well as provide location for stored assets such as construction materials or shipping containers. Many GPS units also show derived information such as direction and speed, calculated from position changes. Exotrac’s Yardtrac solution uses the power of GPS mobile phones with barcode scanning to rapidly scan assets like trailers, containers, automobiles and storage units. Leveraging mobile communication networks to upload and download scan data to and from Exotrac’s web application delivers exceptional visibility and monitoring across your entire organization. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Exotac LLC

Exotrac LLC is the leading Yard Management System (YMS) provider in the US. Exotrac real-time yard visibility and management solutions are deployed with industry leading companies in manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Founded in 2005,
Exotac LLC trail blazed the development of GPS mobile scanner technology leveraging mobile phone communication networks. Yard personnel perform field-based tasks by rapidly scanning assets and capturing GPS and fixed locations. Exotrac’s real-time view of the logistics process offers clients increased visibility, verified measurement of vendor compliance, increased yard jockey productivity and efficiency. Our web-based tools enable freight carriers and companies across the supply chain to track and manage assets throughout the supply chain network and logistic cycle. Graphical displays provide an invaluable visual reference for your entire operation at a glance, including current locations and status of each mobile asset. &

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Most affordable web based Yard Management software by Exotrac

Introducing the Exotrac's YardTrac, the next generation yard management system. It is the most affordable comprehensive real-time yard management system on the market, delivering high functionality and speed at an economical price point. Exotrac's YardTrac yard management system provides real-time trailer pool, inventory and process management tools for Storage Yards, Container Freight Stations, Proprietary and Third-Party Distribution Centers, LTL Carriers, and Consolidators.
With YardTrac, employees use the power of Java-enabled GPS-equipped mobile phones with attached barcode scanners to rapidly scan trailers and and containers to perform field-based functions. The phones leverage Sprint Nextel iDEN data network to upload and download scan data to and from Exotrac's web application on a real-time basis. Exotrac's YardTrac solution delivers exceptional visibility and monitoring across your entire organization.

Just 3 easy steps:


Driver or yard employee affixes a durable, tear-proof tag, imprinted with a unique identifying barcode consisting of SCAC Code and trailer number, to each trailer near the Glad Hand to allow for easy access for scanning. The tag is used to track the trailer from the moment it arrives at the facility until the moment it departs.


YardTrac's unique scanning process leverages advanced mobile technologies to quickly and easily capture information for vital yard-based functions in real-time. It provides automated arrival and departure processing functionality, fast and accurate capture of trailer move and location data, easy recording of changes in the load status, and simplified and more reliable yard checks and improved door management. One quick scan capture the data that answers the three most important questions regarding your mobile assets:

~ Where is it?
~ What is on it?
~ How long has it been there?

Yard Personnel perform all field-based tasks for trailers and containers by rapidly scanning the barcode tag in each mobile asset. GPS and fixed location information is used to determine asset location.


YardTrac's web-based application processes the scan data captured in the yard, then makes it available though customized reports and graphical data display, further leveraging the significantly increased visibility of all gates, docks and yard activities achieved through YardTrac's powerful scanning functions. These web-based tool deliver a constantly updated, consistent, enterprise-wide view of the data, providing the ability to quickly access teal-time information regarding activities occurring in the yard, yielding more efficient asset utilization and planning. Authorized staff accesses this data through a secure web-based portal. Data security features include managing all application functions, including data views, based in userid, roles and group-based privileges. Graphical display component provides an invaluable visual reference for your entire operation at a glance, including current location and status of each mobile asset.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Exotrac Lite

Dedicated to offering a high quality product line of innovative yard management solutions is now offering  This newest advancement combines cutting edge wireless handheld devices with technologies based on cloud computing and android/blackberry applications.
Build your yard application with users, locations , carriers and statuses
Enter data via PC or Handheld phone
Real-time, Automated  data capture
Control access gate by tracking Inbound & Outbound loads
Monitor yard jockey Productivity
Move request On Demand
Unlimited users, flat monthly fee per yard
Easy Deployment

Please enjoy our 30 Days Free Trial by visiting our web-site at or call us directly at 212-989-0171 to schedule a Web-Demo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exotrac Lite

Dedicated to offering a high-quality product line of innovative yard management solutions, Exotrac is now offering . Based on Android, this newest advancement combines cutting-edge wireless technologies to bring real-time, current information on your PC and mobile phone. Yardtrac Lite gives you freedom from clipboards and walkie-talkies, and provides automated yard activity data capture with enterprise-wide visibility.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exotrac Lite

Not only is Exotrac Lite Android application mind-blowing but it’s cool and efficient.  A true On-Demand yard management system! Exotrac Lite works with a PC or handheld device to perform field base functions like trailer check In/out, yard jockey moves and requests. Easy to deploy and requires no IT infrastructure Exotrac  Lite is the next generation inventory cloud software.
Please enjoy our 30 day free trial by visiting our web-site at or too setup a web-demo visit and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Friday, April 1, 2011

As the continuous progress of Android technology grows and becomes more mainstream in business applications, Exotrac Lite is utilizing specific adaptations for market driven needs/wants for businesses that aren’t large enough yet for a major roll-out but still desire a cost effective system of accountability.

Anticipating future development and the continuous need for customization for a business to grow its profits and maintain a streamlined operation, the smart functionality of Android Technology is the best platform to build upon.  Since most Android applications are written in Java this offers a reliable yet competitive solution for a flexible system that can be upgradeable and expandable in the future.

Since Android applications can be downloaded and installed over-the-air, without the use of a PC, Exotrac’s technical support team are able to import applications into an Android based operating system which lowers overall expense to a small business.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Introducing YardTrac, the next generation web-based yard management software by Exotrac . It is the most affordable and comprehensive real-time yard management software on the market. A web-based yard management software, provides real-time trailer pool, inventory and process management tools for Storage Yards, Container Freight Stations, Proprietary and Third-Party Distribution Centers, LTL Carriers, and Consolidators.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Exotrac Lite

Exotrac is now offering  Yardtrac Lite, based on Android, this newest advancement is a cost effective solution to control your trailers in real-time. Just starting off with our 14 Day FREE TRIAL your team will be able to log events in any pc over the web.

Yardtrac Lite offers a business, for zero up-front investment dollars, the accessibility to many of the same features that the full blown YardTrac system allows, such as:
  • Monitoring of yard jockeys productivity
  • Six month trailer event history
  • Web portal to view trailer pool
  • Easy deployment of software.
Exotrac Lite is a part of  Exotrac which is a leading provider of yard management software.