Monday, May 16, 2011

Exotac LLC

Exotrac LLC is the leading Yard Management System (YMS) provider in the US. Exotrac real-time yard visibility and management solutions are deployed with industry leading companies in manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Founded in 2005,
Exotac LLC trail blazed the development of GPS mobile scanner technology leveraging mobile phone communication networks. Yard personnel perform field-based tasks by rapidly scanning assets and capturing GPS and fixed locations. Exotrac’s real-time view of the logistics process offers clients increased visibility, verified measurement of vendor compliance, increased yard jockey productivity and efficiency. Our web-based tools enable freight carriers and companies across the supply chain to track and manage assets throughout the supply chain network and logistic cycle. Graphical displays provide an invaluable visual reference for your entire operation at a glance, including current locations and status of each mobile asset. &

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