Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Comparisons among Yard Management Systems

We wanted to investigate the space of Yard Management and provide an analysis to demonstrate the differences in Pricing, Implementation, Scalability, Customer Base and Support:

                 Other leading Yard Management
- Agent based operation that can lead to more expenses.
- More bent towards big businesses so  services provided are expensive and lack flexibility
Affordable as the services provided are flexible to client’s requirement with optimum use of resources.
- Many only support Microsoft and J2EE  environments.
- Some prefer its products from “the 
  ground up” and might have 
  problems  with adapting.
Adaptable and Integrates easily with all systems to create a single coherent framework.
- Programs designed more 
  particularly for large businesses.
Have programs to fit every business size with utmost attention irrespective of the client type and size.
Customer Base
- Focus more on Retail, Grocery,  
   Manufacturing etc.

Does not discriminate between small and big clients as it has programs to fit every business size.
- Online assistance that involves filling out forms and lacks customer service on personal level.
24/7 support availability by trained professionals via web portal.


                        Exotrac’s state-of-the-art, yet cost effective suite of yard management software solutions provide real-time logistics information, which effectively makes the task of management of yards smooth, easy, and efficient.

Exotrac’s solutions leverage cutting edge wireless, cloud software, and hardware technologies. While being best of the breed, Exotrac’s solutions are the most affordable and comprehensive yard management solutions among similar solutions available in the market today.

With its timely and superior customer service, Exotrac strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Exotrac is available 24/7 for its customers, aiding in smooth operation of its solutions and taking care of any issues promptly.

Exotrac’s competitors in the YMS space use different technologies which makes their solutions much more expensive. Therefore one of the most distinct features of Exotrac solutions is affordability.

Another point that sets it apart from its competitors is the scalability of its solutions. Its solutions are scalable from the smallest of facilities to the largest, customized for each customer’s unique needs. So customers need not buy the whole solution – they can only buy the portion they need, effectively saving them money.

Exotrac’s solutions would be the best deal for customers, as they can obtain superior advanced technology at a cost effective price point.

In the end, Exotrac’s solutions are true turn-key solutions that can launch in weeks unlike other companies that take months.

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