Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Exotrac's NEW Revamped Website!

Revamped Exotrac website! New Features! Free Trial!!

Exotrac, the leading name in Yard Management software, is proud to announce the launch of their redesigned website –   Exotrac is dedicated to offering a high-quality product line of innovative Yard Management Systems (YMS) delivering high functionality and speed at an economical price point.

Exotrac wanted its site revamped to have a professional look and feel.  Even more, making sure it was easy to access with mobile devices including Android devices, iPads and iPhones.       

The new site organizes information in a clear and logical manner making it easier for visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. The information presented is up to date and concise.  Moreover, social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) integration is provided in the site as well.

One of the prominent features of the site is that users can see the mobile handheld screens, enabling them to view, play with visual maps, and actually make simulated move requests.

“Highly Usable”

The new site is highly user friendly. The slides in the home page offer snapshots highlighting the salient features of the technology, solutions and products of Exotrac that set it apart from their competitors. The mouse driven main menu at the top of the site gives a clean and uncluttered look.  The links to all the pages in the site logically grouped in the bottom part of every page gives the user freedom to jump to any page with a single click, making the user feel in control.

In addition, links to submenu pages in the same page hierarchy displayed in a side navigation bar gives the user visual cue as well as the ability to go to the respective pages. The “Back to the top” button that appears on scrolling down on the bottom right of the pages makes it convenient to return to the top of the page.

Jon Donchey, CEO of Exotrac, says “I have already seen the benefit since we have received an abundance of inquiries through visitors of the new site.”

The information architecture of the new site is logically structured which helps users to easily navigate to related topics. For example, services offered by Exotrac such as: Customer Support, Training, and Implementation are all grouped under “Services” tab; Exotrac products that serve as solutions are listed under a “Solutions” tab; and  information related to the company are listed under a “Company” tab.

Try it for free!

Users will find the link to view a demo of the software as well as the links to download an Exotrac brochure and Case Study on every page, making it quite convenient and accessible. The ROI calculator provides the potential customers a way to estimate the potential savings Exotrac solutions would provide.

To give potential customers the ability to experience the YMS solution, there is a free 30 day trial for YardTrac Lite.

For inquiries or a free 30 day trial on one of the key products, YardTrac Lite.

Please go to or call us at (212)-989-0171.

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